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Alexandre Pantoja teammate Victor Dias vows to ‘hunt’ flyweights ‘one by one’ if given UFC shot

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Teammate Victor Dias of Alexandre Pantoja has made a bold declaration, expressing his determination to pursue the flyweight division in the UFC and face its contenders individually.

While Alexandre Pantoja prepares for his upcoming challenge against 125-pound champion Brandon Moreno, Victor Dias, the current Titan FC flyweight champion, finds himself struggling to receive the recognition he deserves. Despite being on a five-fight winning streak, Dias claims that no flyweight is willing to step into the octagon against him. In his most recent title defense in September 2021, Dias put an end to Ryskulbek Ibraimov’s eight-fight undefeated run. Additionally, in November, he defeated Thiago Belo in a bantamweight bout since there was no available opponent in the 125-pound division.

Expressing his desire for a chance in the UFC, Dias spoke to MMA Hook about his frustrations: “I have held the Titan championship for two years, yet there seems to be no worthy opponent willing to face me. Once I make it to the UFC, I’m certain they will also avoid confronting me. However, I am prepared to systematically hunt them down, one by one. I am ready to face any top 15 flyweight in my division.”

Dias’s journey in martial arts began at a young age in Nova Friburgo, Brazil, where he trained in jiu-jitsu. It was during this time that he crossed paths with Edson Barboza and Marlon Moraes. Many years later, Dias followed in their footsteps, relocating to Florida to train at American Top Team. His dream is to join the UFC and provide a better life for his family.

Confident in his abilities, Dias asserted, “I belong in the UFC. I belong in the top five of the UFC. I don’t make this claim out of mere belief; I say it with utmost certainty. I train alongside the best fighters. Just ask Pantoja about my skills and whether I am tougher than the top 10 fighters in the UFC.”

Pantoja, appearing on MMA Hook’s Trocação Franca podcast, praised Dias, stating that he could easily secure a spot in the UFC’s top 10 rankings.

Dias also trains with renowned athletes such as Kyoji Horiguchi and Adriano Moraes at ATT.

Determined to prove himself, Dias affirmed, “When the opportunity arises, I will show the world that I have been right all along. I possess the qualities necessary to become a UFC champion and a top-five contender in my division within the world’s premier organization. The UFC is the next step for me; there is no other place to go. The best fighters compete in the UFC, and I am confident that I am superior to them. If there are any top 15 fighters looking for a challenge, let me know. I am ready to fight any of them with just a week’s notice.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about flyweight contender

Q: Who is Victor Dias and what is his current position in the flyweight division?

A: Victor Dias is the current Titan FC flyweight champion. He is a talented fighter aspiring to compete in the UFC’s flyweight division.

Q: What winning streak is Victor Dias currently on?

A: Victor Dias is currently on a five-fight winning streak. He has been consistently performing well and showcasing his skills in the ring.

Q: Why does Victor Dias claim that no flyweight is willing to face him?

A: Victor Dias believes that no flyweight is willing to face him due to his impressive record and recent victories. He has proven to be a formidable opponent, making it difficult for others to step up and challenge him.

Q: Who does Victor Dias train with?

A: Victor Dias trains with prominent fighters such as Alexandre Pantoja, Kyoji Horiguchi, and Adriano Moraes at American Top Team (ATT). He surrounds himself with top-level talent to further enhance his skills and prepare for future challenges.

Q: What are Victor Dias’ aspirations in the UFC?

A: Victor Dias aspires to join the UFC and establish himself as a top contender in the flyweight division. He believes he belongs in the top five of the UFC and has the potential to become a champion.

Q: What does Victor Dias plan to do once he enters the UFC?

A: Victor Dias plans to hunt down the flyweights in the UFC one by one. He is confident in his abilities and is ready to face any top 15 fighter in his division. Dias is determined to make a name for himself and prove that he is a force to be reckoned with.

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