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Alexander Volkanovski not ruling out return in October for Islam Makhachev rematch: ‘I want that Islam fight’

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Alexander Volkanovski is open to a return in October for a rematch against Islam Makhachev, expressing his desire for the fight. Despite minor injuries from his recent title defense at UFC 290, Volkanovski remains determined to become a two-division UFC champion and sees the potential rematch with Makhachev as a significant opportunity.

Following his victory over Yair Rodriguez, Volkanovski mentioned the need for an arm surgery. However, this won’t discourage him from stepping up if Charles Oliveira, who stated his unavailability for October, is unable to headline UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi.

During the UFC 290 post-fight press conference, Volkanovski expressed his eagerness for the lightweight belt and the rematch with Makhachev. He believes that the fight is not only important for him to regain the belt and avenge his loss but also a massive event for the UFC. He described their previous encounter as a thrilling and highly competitive battle between the top-ranked pound-for-pound fighters, emphasizing the anticipation for rounds 5 to 10.

Volkanovski previously suffered a close defeat to Makhachev in February when they clashed as the featherweight and lightweight champions. While Makhachev hasn’t secured another fight since then, Volkanovski wasted no time returning to the 145-pound division for his victory over Rodriguez.

On the other hand, Oliveira defeated Beneil Dariush in June but is now targeting a fight in November or December, potentially creating an opportunity for Volkanovski to step in and secure an immediate rematch with Makhachev, who is associated with Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Volkanovski acknowledged that it presents a better chance for him to face Makhachev and expressed his commitment by highlighting his willingness to undergo surgery and potentially compete in October. He emphasized that few champions remain active and ready to fight, mentioning himself and Israel Adesanya as examples. Volkanovski believes that their dedication to accepting challenging fights deserves respect, contrasting them with those who merely claim to be “BMFs” (baddest motherfuckers) without backing it up when the stakes are high.

Despite Makhachev’s dominant performances in most of his UFC career, apart from his closely contested battle with Volkanovski, the featherweight champion is even more excited about the rematch. Volkanovski understands that it won’t be an easy fight and refrains from predicting a one-sided outcome. Nevertheless, he assures that he will emerge victorious and intends to claim both titles.

Volkanovski anticipates another fiercely contested encounter, acknowledging the possibility of another five-round war. While he hopes for a finish, he acknowledges the exceptional skills of both fighters, suggesting that it could be that type of fight.

The challenge of facing Makhachev excites Volkanovski, as it pushes him to improve and evolve. He describes the 14-week training camp he underwent and emphasizes the value of facing opponents like Makhachev to enhance his skills. Recognizing that he needs to work on certain aspects since Makhachev’s hand was raised in their previous fight, Volkanovski is determined to evolve further, making it clear that the lightweight and featherweight divisions won’t stand a chance against him.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about rematch

When did Alexander Volkanovski mention the potential rematch with Islam Makhachev?

During the UFC 290 post-fight press conference, Alexander Volkanovski expressed his desire for a rematch with Islam Makhachev.

What does Alexander Volkanovski want to achieve with the rematch?

Alexander Volkanovski aims to become a two-division UFC champion and regain the belt he lost to Islam Makhachev.

Has Alexander Volkanovski recovered from his minor injuries?

Alexander Volkanovski is currently healing from minor injuries sustained during his title defense at UFC 290.

Who else is being considered for the potential fight against Islam Makhachev?

If Charles Oliveira is unable to compete in October, Alexander Volkanovski is open to taking his place and facing Islam Makhachev.

Has Islam Makhachev booked another fight since defeating Alexander Volkanovski?

Islam Makhachev has not booked another fight since his victory over Alexander Volkanovski in their previous encounter.

How did Alexander Volkanovski’s fight with Yair Rodriguez go?

Alexander Volkanovski defeated Yair Rodriguez at UFC 290, returning to the featherweight division after his clash with Islam Makhachev.

Will Alexander Volkanovski undergo surgery despite his desire to compete in October?

Despite the need for arm surgery, Alexander Volkanovski expressed his commitment to competing in October, indicating his determination to participate in the potential rematch with Islam Makhachev.

How does Alexander Volkanovski view the previous fight with Islam Makhachev?

Alexander Volkanovski describes the previous fight with Islam Makhachev as a highly competitive battle between top-ranked pound-for-pound fighters. He believes it lived up to the hype and is eager to see rounds 5 to 10 in a potential rematch.

Is Alexander Volkanovski confident about winning the rematch?

While acknowledging the challenge that Islam Makhachev presents, Alexander Volkanovski is confident that he will emerge victorious and aims to capitalize on more opportunities in the potential rematch.

How does Alexander Volkanovski perceive his dedication to fighting compared to others?

Alexander Volkanovski highlights his and Israel Adesanya’s commitment to staying active and accepting challenging fights, contrasting them with fighters who seek extra time off. He believes their dedication deserves respect.

How does Alexander Volkanovski view the potential rematch with Islam Makhachev?

Alexander Volkanovski is excited about the potential rematch, as it presents a challenge that motivates him. He sees it as an opportunity to improve and evolve, ensuring that he continues to dominate both the lightweight and featherweight divisions.

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