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Alexander Volkanovski dominates Yair Rodriguez, successfully defends title at UFC 290

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UFC 290

Alexander Volkanovski showcased his supremacy in the featherweight division once again by triumphing over Yair Rodriguez in the main event of UFC 290.

The initial stages of the fight saw Volkanovski employing a ground-heavy approach, overwhelming Rodriguez with his grappling skills. However, the climax came in the third round when Volkanovski landed a powerful right hand, causing Rodriguez to waver and leading to the fight’s stoppage. Seizing the opportunity, Volkanovski forcefully took Rodriguez down and relentlessly unleashed a flurry of strikes, leaving referee Herb Dean with no alternative but to intervene.

The fight was officially halted at 4:19 of the third round, solidifying Volkanovski’s fifth consecutive defense of his featherweight title.

Volkanovski expressed his thoughts on the encounter, stating, “You have to anticipate the unexpected. That’s Yair. Those familiar with this sport understand how dangerous he can be. To be honest, I felt a bit of fear during my training camp, fearing his striking and acknowledging his danger.”

“But this week, I made a mental shift. I prepared differently because of the respect I have for him. I am the champion. I am the ruler of this division. No one can ever halt my progress,” Volkanovski added confidently.

Volkanovski’s strategy at the fight’s outset involved closing the distance by taking Rodriguez to the ground and relentlessly applying pressure from the top position. With methodical precision, he measured each punch, continually advancing his position to keep Rodriguez trapped beneath him.

When Rodriguez managed to regain his footing, he showcased his trademark creativity, bombarding the featherweight champion with an array of kicks from every angle. Rodriguez appeared to find his rhythm, but Volkanovski swiftly pressed forward, landing a powerful blow that sent Rodriguez back to the ground.

Volkanovski proceeded to maintain an unrelenting pace, punishing Rodriguez, who sustained a severe cut above his eye, resulting in blood streaming down the side of his face. Time and again, Volkanovski bided his time, waiting for the perfect moment to unleash his ground and pound assault, leaving Rodriguez with no option but to focus on defensive maneuvers.

It was not until the third round that Rodriguez found some breathing room and connected with several impactful kicks that caught Volkanovski’s attention. Volkanovski acknowledged the strikes as he sought to retaliate with his own punches.

Just as Rodriguez seemed to be gaining confidence in his striking, Volkanovski surged forward with a powerful right hook that staggered the Mexican fighter. Volkanovski capitalized on the opening, executing a decisive takedown, and Rodriguez was unable to recover.

Covering up in a defensive stance, Rodriguez could only withstand the onslaught from above before the fight was ultimately halted.

“I had a feeling that right hook would be effective,” Volkanovski remarked. “Despite his dangerous striking, I knew I could engage on the feet or on the ground. I’m determined to break records; I’m on the verge of achieving that. The sky’s the limit.”

Volkanovski’s victory eliminates another contender in the 145-pound division, solidifying his status as one of the premier champions in any weight class within the UFC. While he aspires to eventually return to the lightweight division for another opportunity to claim that title, Volkanovski also directed his attention to undefeated featherweight Ilia Topuria, who observed the bout from ringside.

“There are several options,” Volkanovski stated when asked about his next move. “To be completely honest, I need to undergo minor arm surgery. I’ll ensure that I stay fit during my recovery and make a swift return. I desire the lightweight belt. I’m still pursuing that. Whoever’s next.”

“If Ilia [Topuria] continues to run his mouth, I’ll teach him a lesson as well. I’ll shut him down,” Volkanovski added assertively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC 290

Who won the main event at UFC 290?

Alexander Volkanovski emerged victorious in the main event at UFC 290.

How did Alexander Volkanovski win the fight?

Volkanovski won the fight by landing a stiff right hand late in the third round, which caused Yair Rodriguez to waver and led to the fight being stopped. Volkanovski followed up with a barrage of shots on the ground until the referee intervened.

How many times has Alexander Volkanovski defended his featherweight title?

Volkanovski has successfully defended his featherweight title five consecutive times.

Did Yair Rodriguez have any significant moments in the fight?

In the third round, Rodriguez managed to connect with several stinging kicks that caught Volkanovski’s attention. However, Volkanovski responded with a powerful right hook that wobbled Rodriguez and ultimately led to his defeat.

What’s next for Alexander Volkanovski?

Volkanovski expressed interest in getting a lightweight title shot in the future. He also mentioned Ilia Topuria as a potential opponent, indicating a desire to face him in his next fight. However, Volkanovski mentioned the need for arm surgery before making a return.

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ufclover July 9, 2023 - 12:29 pm

rodriguez had some moments, those kicks were sick! but volkanovski just came back stronger and crushed him. respect to both fighters, that was a brutal battle.

mmaenthusiast July 9, 2023 - 6:17 pm

volkanovski proved he’s the king of featherweight division once again! his grappling was insane and he smashed rodriguez with powerful strikes. can’t wait to see who’s next for him.

champfanatic July 10, 2023 - 12:01 am

volkanovski’s dominance is unreal! five consecutive title defenses, he’s on fire! surgery or not, he’s coming for that lightweight belt too. nobody can stop him!

fightfan123 July 10, 2023 - 12:30 am

wow, volkanovski was unstoppable in ufc 290! he destroyed rodriguez with a huge right hand and then just pounded him on the ground until the ref stopped it. what a fight!

fighttalker22 July 10, 2023 - 7:15 am

volkanovski vs. topuria would be an epic clash! can’t blame volkanovski for calling him out. hope his arm surgery goes well and we see him back in action soon.


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