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Alexa Grasso wants another rear-naked choke finish over Valentina Shevchenko ‘so people don’t think it was luck’

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Alexa Grasso is determined to demonstrate that her victory over Valentina Shevchenko for the UFC 285 title wasn’t a stroke of luck. Despite being seen as the underdog again for their rematch on September 16, Grasso aims to silence her skeptics with an outstanding performance.

In an interview on the MMA Hook podcast Trocação Franca, Grasso expressed her desire to defeat Shevchenko convincingly. While she’d love to secure a knockout, she also hopes to submit Shevchenko with a rear-naked choke. This would prove that her initial victory wasn’t a fluke and dispel any doubts about her skills. Grasso had a clear plan in their previous bout and believes in her capabilities to win again, whether it’s through submission or knockout.

Reflecting on her previous victory, Grasso noted that the experience of submitting Shevchenko taught her a lot about herself. It revealed her strength, determination, and ability to adapt her fighting style. She emphasized the importance of hard work and determination in facing challenges. Grasso respects Shevchenko’s accomplishments but believes her victory was just the start of her own journey.

The upcoming Grasso vs. Shevchenko 2 match will coincide with Mexican Independence Day, even though it won’t be held in Mexico. Grasso is excited about the opportunity to fight on a large stage like the T-Mobile Arena and is pleased that it won’t be a pay-per-view event, allowing more people in Mexico to watch. She feels proud to represent the fighting spirit on such an important day for Mexico and hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

While content with her treatment from the UFC, Grasso’s ultimate goal is to have her next title defense in Mexico. She conveyed her aspirations to the UFC, expressing her willingness to give her best to earn that privilege. The UFC responded positively, considering it her first test toward achieving that goal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Rematch

Who is Alexa Grasso?

Alexa Grasso is a Mexican UFC fighter known for her skills in mixed martial arts (MMA).

What significant victory did Alexa Grasso achieve?

Grasso claimed the UFC flyweight championship by defeating Valentina Shevchenko via submission in a remarkable upset.

What does Alexa Grasso want to prove in the rematch?

Grasso wants to show that her victory over Shevchenko was not a fluke and hopes to solidify her skills with another impressive win.

What strategy is Alexa Grasso considering for the rematch?

Grasso is aiming to submit Shevchenko again, preferably with a rear-naked choke, to demonstrate her capabilities in a convincing manner.

What did Alexa Grasso learn from her previous victory?

Grasso learned about her own strength and adaptability by submitting Shevchenko, gaining more confidence in her fighting abilities.

Why is the upcoming rematch significant?

The rematch will take place on Mexican Independence Day, showcasing Grasso’s fighting spirit on an important day for Mexico.

What is Alexa Grasso’s ultimate goal?

While content with her treatment by the UFC, Grasso aspires to have her next title defense in Mexico, representing her home country.

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