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Alex Pereira Dismisses Concerns About UFC 291 Turnaround, Confident in Facing Jan Blachowicz

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UFC 291

Alex Pereira is gearing up for his light heavyweight debut at UFC 291, where he will take on Jan Blachowicz in a highly anticipated clash of former UFC champions. Despite recent comments from Daniel Cormier about Blachowicz’s power, Pereira remains unfazed.

Blachowicz has a reputation for delivering devastating knockouts, having taken out renowned fighters like Corey Anderson, Dominick Reyes, and Luke Rockhold, a teammate of Cormier’s. Cormier, a former two-title holder, warned Pereira to be cautious of Blachowicz’s striking, stating that he has witnessed Blachowicz almost decapitate his opponents.

Responding to Cormier’s remarks on the MMA Hook’s Trocação Franca podcast, Pereira downplayed the concern. He pointed out that Blachowicz has not knocked out every opponent he’s faced, and while acknowledging his experience and danger, Pereira emphasized that he, too, possesses the ability to bounce back from a knockout. He cited his victories against Israel Adesanya in kickboxing and MMA, demonstrating his mental resilience after suffering a scary knockout.

Regarding his recent title loss to Adesanya, Pereira expressed confidence in his recovery period, indicating that he had ample time to recuperate before facing Blachowicz. He asserted that a strong mind is key in avoiding the negative effects of past knockouts, and he firmly believes in his preparation and recovery process, labeling everything he did as perfect.

Both Blachowicz and Pereira are veteran strikers, and Pereira draws inspiration from watching Blachowicz’s win over Adesanya. Acknowledging Blachowicz as a complete fighter, Pereira noted the importance of not underestimating his opponent’s abilities.

While Glover Teixeira, Pereira’s teammate, was the one to dethrone Blachowicz as UFC champion, Pereira acknowledges that blindly replicating Teixeira’s strategy won’t be effective. He respects Teixeira’s feedback but is fully aware that he needs to adapt and tailor his own game plan to best counter Blachowicz’s style.

With a firm belief in his abilities and strategic preparation, Alex Pereira looks forward to his UFC 291 showdown against Jan Blachowicz, ready to showcase his skills in the light heavyweight division.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC 291

Q: What is the upcoming event for Alex Pereira, and who is his opponent?

A: Alex Pereira’s upcoming event is UFC 291, where he will be making his light heavyweight debut. He will be facing Jan Blachowicz, a former UFC champion.

Q: What concerns did Daniel Cormier raise about Jan Blachowicz’s power?

A: Daniel Cormier warned Alex Pereira about Blachowicz’s devastating power, mentioning instances where Blachowicz knocked out notable fighters like Corey Anderson and Dominick Reyes.

Q: How did Alex Pereira respond to Daniel Cormier’s comments?

A: Alex Pereira downplayed Cormier’s concerns, highlighting that Blachowicz has not knocked out all of his opponents and expressing confidence in his own ability to rebound from a knockout loss.

Q: How does Alex Pereira view his recovery from his recent knockout loss?

A: Pereira is confident in his recovery process, believing that he had ample time to recover from his knockout loss to Israel Adesanya before facing Jan Blachowicz at UFC 291.

Q: What insights does Alex Pereira gain from watching Jan Blachowicz’s fight with Israel Adesanya?

A: Pereira recognizes Blachowicz as a complete fighter and acknowledges that Adesanya controlled most of their fight but gave Blachowicz the opportunity to excel in the grappling department.

Q: Did Alex Pereira’s teammate, Glover Teixeira, provide any advice for the fight against Blachowicz?

A: Yes, Pereira received feedback from Teixeira based on his previous fight against Blachowicz, but he understands the need to tailor his own plan to combat Blachowicz’s fighting style.

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MMAWarrior23 July 26, 2023 - 4:43 pm

Cormier warned Pereira bout blachowicz’s powr, but pereira don’t care, he say blachowicz didn’t knock out everyone! He talkin bout his recovry after the knockout, he got a strong mind!

KickboxingChamp July 27, 2023 - 3:56 am

Pereira and blachowicz both vets in strikin, he learnin from blachowicz’s fight with adesanya, he say adesanya had control but blachowicz took him down. pereira ready with his own plan!

OctagonInsider July 27, 2023 - 6:40 am

Glover Teixeira’s advce to pereira on fightin blachowicz, pereira listen but knos he gotta change it up. It aint glover fightin now, pereira gotta find his own way to win!

FightFan92 July 27, 2023 - 9:07 am

alex pereira sounds real confident in his fight against jan blachowicz at ufc 291, he aint worryin bout blachowicz’s power, thinks he can handle it! knockout loss aint stoppin him, he ready!


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