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Alan Jouban Believes Alexander Volkanovski Can Claim Featherweight GOAT Status with UFC 290 Win

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According to Alan Jouban, a UFC analyst, Alexander Volkanovski has the opportunity to solidify his position as the greatest featherweight of all time with a victory over Yair Rodriguez at UFC 290 on Saturday night. Volkanovski, the 34-year-old Australian, aims for his fifth consecutive title defense following impressive wins over former champion Max Holloway on three occasions and Jose Aldo.

Jouban considers Volkanovski the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) due to his remarkable achievements. The Australian fighter has defeated Max Holloway, a feat accomplished by few, including Dustin Poirier who defeated Holloway twice. Additionally, Volkanovski has proven his dominance by triumphing over Jose Aldo. Jouban believes that with a win on Saturday, Volkanovski will unquestionably claim the GOAT title, although some might argue he needs more title defenses.

Jouban emphasizes that Volkanovski’s recent fight at 155 pounds further supports his status as the best in his division. Despite narrowly losing to reigning UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev, Volkanovski put up an exceptional fight and outperformed any other featherweight who has faced Makhachev. Jouban believes that fighters like Max Holloway or Jose Aldo, even in their prime, would struggle against Makhachev. Thus, Volkanovski’s performance against him demonstrates his exceptional skills.

One of the main counterarguments to Volkanovski’s claim to the featherweight GOAT title revolves around a comparison with Jose Aldo, a seven-time defending champion before losing the belt in 2015. However, with a victory at UFC 290, Volkanovski will only be two title defenses away from Aldo’s record. Furthermore, Volkanovski has already defeated two former featherweight champions, Aldo and Holloway, solidifying his legendary status.

Jouban, a self-proclaimed Jose Aldo fan, acknowledges Aldo’s technical prowess and enjoyable fighting style. However, he believes that Volkanovski’s consistent high-level competition surpasses Aldo’s era. Jouban points out that Volkanovski’s victories over Max Holloway, who remains a formidable opponent, elevate him above Aldo. Thus, Jouban concludes that with a win on Saturday night, Volkanovski will undeniably be recognized as the featherweight GOAT.

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Q: What does Alan Jouban believe about Alexander Volkanovski’s status as the featherweight GOAT?

A: Alan Jouban believes that Alexander Volkanovski can claim the title of featherweight GOAT (Greatest of All Time) with a win over Yair Rodriguez at UFC 290. Jouban considers Volkanovski’s impressive record and victories over top fighters like Max Holloway and Jose Aldo as evidence of his GOAT-worthy status.

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fightfan55 July 8, 2023 - 7:50 pm

alan jouban is spot on!! volkanovski is the goat!! he beat max holloway 3 times!! no1 else did that! win against rodriguez makes him goat for realz!

mmafanatic123 July 9, 2023 - 12:22 am

Volkanovski defo has the skills! he’s dominated the division! with the win, he’s the goat for sure! can’t wait for ufc 290!

sportsaddict77 July 9, 2023 - 3:58 pm

Jouban knows his stuff! Volk’s win against makhachev was cray! no other featherweight could hang with him! volkanovski is the real deal!


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