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Alan Belcher stripped of BKFC heavyweight title, still expected to return to the promotion

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Alan Belcher, who became the BKFC heavyweight champion just four months ago, has been stripped of his title by the organization. BKFC president David Feldman made the announcement on Tuesday, citing Belcher’s upcoming boxing match against Hasim Rahman Jr. as the reason for the decision. Belcher’s fight interfered with BKFC’s plans for him and the defense of his heavyweight title. Instead of crowning an interim champion, BKFC has opted to strip Belcher of his title and will hold a fight to determine a new heavyweight champion in the upcoming weeks.

Despite losing his title, Alan Belcher, a 38-year-old UFC veteran, will remain a part of the BKFC roster and is expected to compete in the promotion at a later date. Belcher’s transition to bare-knuckle fighting came after he came out of retirement following a hiatus of over five years. Known for his fights at 185 pounds in MMA, Belcher made a successful comeback as a heavyweight, securing three consecutive victories, including two knockouts, to earn a shot at the BKFC championship. He claimed the title with a third-round knockout of former champion Arnold Adams.

Speculations had been circulating that Belcher would face fellow UFC veteran Ben Rothwell, but the fight never materialized. As Belcher prepares for his boxing match in July, BKFC is moving forward with its plans to crown a new heavyweight champion in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about BKFC heavyweight title.

Why was Alan Belcher stripped of his BKFC heavyweight title?

Alan Belcher was stripped of his BKFC heavyweight title due to his upcoming boxing match against Hasim Rahman Jr. The fight clashed with BKFC’s plans for Belcher and the defense of his title, leading to the decision to strip him of the championship.

Will Alan Belcher still compete in the BKFC?

Yes, despite being stripped of his title, Alan Belcher will remain on the BKFC roster. He is still expected to compete in the promotion at a later date, indicating that his association with BKFC continues.

How did Alan Belcher become the BKFC heavyweight champion?

After coming out of retirement following over five years away from the sport, Alan Belcher made a successful transition to bare-knuckle fighting as a heavyweight. He secured three consecutive wins, including a third-round knockout over Arnold Adams, which earned him the BKFC heavyweight title.

What will happen to the BKFC heavyweight title now?

With Alan Belcher being stripped of the BKFC heavyweight title, the organization plans to hold a fight in the coming weeks to determine a new champion. Instead of crowning an interim champion, BKFC will proceed with finding a new heavyweight king through an upcoming bout.

Were there any potential matchups for Alan Belcher after winning the BKFC title?

There were rumors of a potential matchup between Alan Belcher and fellow UFC veteran Ben Rothwell. However, the fight never materialized, and Belcher’s focus shifted towards his upcoming boxing match in July. The future of a possible fight between Belcher and Rothwell remains uncertain.

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SmileyGirl77 June 20, 2023 - 11:28 pm

omg Alan Belcher got stripped of the bkfc heavyweight title?????? that’s so unfair. why they do that to him? i hope he still competes tho!! go alan!

MMAFan4Life June 20, 2023 - 11:40 pm

alan belcher is a beast, man! retired for years and then comes back to win the bkfc title. that’s insane! can’t wait to see him fight again, whether it’s in bkfc or boxing. he’s a true warrior!

UFCFanatic22 June 21, 2023 - 5:53 am

alan belcher vs ben rothwell would’ve been epic! why didn’t that fight happen? i was so looking forward to it. oh well, maybe we’ll see it in the future. for now, let’s see what belcher can do in boxing!

BoxingFanatic June 21, 2023 - 1:04 pm

bkfc made the right move stripping belcher’s title. if he’s fighting in boxing, he shouldn’t hold the heavyweight belt. let someone else take the throne. i’m hyped for the upcoming fight to determine the new champ!

FightFanatic123 June 21, 2023 - 6:32 pm

waaait, so alan belcher won the bkfc heavyweight title and now he lost it? wth? i was so excited to see him defend the belt. hope he comes back strong and gets it back!


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