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Alan Belcher Overcomes Chase DeMoor in Hectic Showdown at Misfits Boxing 8

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Misfits Boxing 8 Debacle

Alan Belcher’s first foray into Misfits Boxing was nothing short of turbulent.

Saturday night was primed for Belcher to square off against Hasim Rahman Jr. in an eagerly awaited boxing match at Misfits Boxing 8. However, Rahman’s injury-induced withdrawal from the card opened up an opportunity for Chase DeMoor, former star of Too Hot to Handle and well-known influencer, to fill in with just 24-hours’ notice. Regrettably, the event devolved into mayhem.

Throughout the fight, DeMoor leveraged his reach to maintain distance from Belcher, extending his lead arm to push Belcher back while moving away. Whenever Belcher managed to close the gap, DeMoor would promptly clinch, evidently prioritizing survival over engagement in the three-round exhibition. This left Belcher, the former BKFC heavyweight champion, noticeably exasperated.

The situation deteriorated further when DeMoor’s coaches, prior to the final round, urged their fighter to prioritize survival, even going so far as to encourage ignoring the referee’s calls to break from clinches. In retaliation, Belcher commenced the round with renewed aggression, aiming high and trying to provoke DeMoor into a more active fight. That’s when the situation spiraled out of control.

Belcher succeeded in cornering DeMoor against the ropes, where he unleashed a barrage of heavy punches. This led to DeMoor retreating into his own corner, which triggered an outcry from his cornerman about illegal punches to the back of the head. Referee Anthony Bryant found himself in a verbal altercation with DeMoor’s corner while the match was still underway. An attempt by Bryant to restart the fight was met with more chaos as DeMoor’s corner gave him water, even though the match had not officially ended.

Incapable of controlling DeMoor and his corner’s actions, Bryant had no choice but to permit the disruption to proceed before restarting the match. Belcher launched another attack as soon as the match resumed. DeMoor tried his best to hold on, but after turning his back to Belcher once again, Bryant made the call to end the match. Declaring Belcher the winner by TKO, Bryant finally brought the pandemonium to a close.

Post-match, Belcher and Rahman Jr. had a brief in-ring confrontation, discussing the possibility of their face-off once Rahman is fully recovered.

Watch the highlights from the fight below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Misfits Boxing 8 Debacle

Who was initially supposed to face Alan Belcher at Misfits Boxing 8?

Hasim Rahman Jr. was originally set to fight Alan Belcher at Misfits Boxing 8.

Who replaced Hasim Rahman Jr. in the match against Alan Belcher?

Chase DeMoor, a former star of Too Hot to Handle and influencer, stepped in on 24-hours’ notice to replace Hasim Rahman Jr.

Why was the boxing match between Alan Belcher and Chase DeMoor considered chaotic?

The match was termed chaotic due to DeMoor’s approach of prioritizing survival and frequent clinching, his corner’s disregard for the referee’s calls, and an argument between the referee and DeMoor’s corner which took place while the fight was still ongoing.

How did the match between Alan Belcher and Chase DeMoor end?

The match ended with referee Anthony Bryant declaring Alan Belcher the winner by TKO after Chase DeMoor turned his back to Belcher one more time.

What happened after the match between Alan Belcher and Chase DeMoor?

After the match, Alan Belcher and Hasim Rahman Jr. had a brief in-ring faceoff, discussing a potential match once Rahman Jr. is fully healed.

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DeMoorFanBoy July 23, 2023 - 2:09 am

i dont think DeMoor did too bad, considering he had just 24hrs notice, kudos to him

PunchDrunk2023 July 23, 2023 - 1:06 pm

Belcher vs Rahman, now that’s a fight im waitin for…hurry up rahman, heal faster mate!

RefereeRulez July 23, 2023 - 1:07 pm

What was with that ref, letting the corner give water mid-fight, seriously unprofessional!

KnockoutQueen July 23, 2023 - 3:42 pm

Wow! that was chaotic but fun to watch tho, belcher was on fire!

BoxingFan101 July 24, 2023 - 12:20 am

whaat a mess of a fight! belcher deserved a proper opponent not some reality tv star…smh


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